The goals of the Fathers for Justice Association

Social equality

Our goal is to both parents of the same social recognition of their right to exist and acceptance of the role of fathers as well as highlighting the false stereotypes and the related demolition of the Hungarian society.

The elimination of obstacles to parental contact

One main goal of the non custodial parent regular contact to ensure compliance, if necessary, enforce related advice.

Solving problems with child support awards

Many people have problems with child support payment, good to be aware of this in relation to the law and practice facilities.

Supporting child custody cases

Our association is against prohibitive parents in the most action, if necessary - for the children - to change the child's custody is the only viable option. Unfortunately, many of our members have experience in this matter.

Rights of the Children

We are dedicated to the family and the right to privacy of children victims, receive help in order to live a full family life, experience the education and care from both parents. In their personality development plays a key role among the objective in our association and we'll do everything we can to enforce our children to know their rights.

Shared Custody

We are dedicated to children's family ties are maintained in the event of divorce and also equally receive rightful parental education from both parents. Having shared custody will provide them to remain connected to the parent living apart from them.

Help with Social Services procedures

Unfortunately, in Hungary the Social Services are not in elevated position to perform their duties in the professional way. There are many pitfalls waiting for the fathers fighting for justice, struggling due to lack of mostly procedural knowledge. Most of them are asking us for help especially in that typical case.

Filing Privacy Lawsuit

According to the New Civil Code the caregiver parent prohibitive behavior can cause privacy violation, to a single parent and to the child as well. In this type of lawsuit as well, we can serve our members with practical advices.

Operation of our database

It accumulated a lot of cases, decisions and legislation available for our members, which is constantly expanding. Chances are high that we've already met with a case like yours.

Implementation of awareness-raising campaigns

To achieve our targets we use all legal means. Winning the public during an important stage of our journey, to organize various demonstrations. Come out and support our goals!

About Us

In the early 2014, initially table society, and as a Facebook group was formed out of the community, which today is under the name Fathers for Justice. In the form of social organization, goals clearly defined functions, above all, for our children threaten serious social injustices to offset or eliminate the harmful dysfunctions. Hundreds and hundreds of similar fated man and fathers representing all parts of Hungary, get legal information, exchange experience, information, trade press, within the framework of the Fathers for Justice Society.

The gender disparities experienced in most areas of life against the general phenomenon of male domination is the only social sector, where women are in the undisputed dominant positions: the family as well as the established institutions around it : primary school, school, social services, child welfare services, family courts, court experts. We believe the systemic damage is recognizable, which destroying children and disadvantageously effecting men on the everyday basis and to against the injustices, the most powerful tool is social action, the affected people combined together and show effective action.

The consequences of these shifts in society are commonplace known phenomena, that the divorce rate far higher proportion of non-men initiated, during the child custody cases – the aspects of the child casually treated - the courts disproportionately often ruled in favor of women. In vain changed in March 2014 a modern legislative environment in many ways, the family, the social services daily works, the family courts judgments of today's case-law haunted by the case-law established in the fifties.

We can conclude: a man is still incomparably more disadvantageous position during the divorce proceedings, child custody proceedings,as a mother's parenting ability of these institutions can be taken for granted, women are considered innate endowments, even if oversteps against the children is proved, however the fathers - unfair manner - in such cases, parental disadvantage forced to prove their skills - before the vast majority of cases, women experts, judges, etc. The new Civil Code proved to be a coward in a most important key issue: has not introduced the system which has today become commonplace across the Union except for three countries (Romania, Poland and Hungary), the period after the divorce with the children in shared custody. So not adopted key elements of the institution of the family home for decades undermined the process of stopping: upheld because providing huge potential for blackmail, especially fathers faced, bi-weekend visitation system for a day or two. It is clear that this practice is a revenge, or to cause damage to the device left in the hands of litigants that although most of the cases brought against the man clearly suffered, and the biggest casualties of divorce is the vulnerable children. Without this change in attitude shift is failed, unreasonably slow - lots of causing unnecessary suffering to tens and hundreds of thousands of children, as well as incredible financial burden imposed on the state.

Shared custody

The practices of shared custody introduced five years ago in Slovakia was a clear positive result that the number of claims submitted radically reduced and the number of divorces dropped by 40%(!), and consequently much more family attempted to settle the crisis within the family and that much more children remained basically growing up in a basically essential parental environment. By contrast, in Hungary today is 800 thousand divorce defunct family of children brought up in circumstances where children are not the criteria for a proportionate and effective framework created by the the social services, court, expert practice but the semi-sabotage device was handed over to the hand which heated by revenge.

There's nothing surprising that many parents are abusing this tool: The growing number of divorces and the public and private denunciations filed during the scheduled time of child custody cases. For this social anomaly has come upon the family-criminal lawyers and experts throughout the industry, unspeakably huge time commitment and financial burden imposed on the government, law enforcement, administration of justice systems. Apart from the point of view of why the state spends huge money unnecessarily for us is much more important issue is the fate of our children, the future of a healthy mental, emotional, moral and physical development.

Our children need their own parents!

Our goal is social equality for fathers and mothers, both parties share the same social recognition of their right to exist demolition of Hungarian society, and the demolition of the prevailing false stereotypes in this area.

For the children and their estranged fathers in Basic Law of Hungary - and in former Constitution too - declared a basic right to undisturbed right to maintain contact.

Association for fathers' rights to be exercised in this field, respectively. Urge and assist law enforcement, especially given that this area be exercised in the context of their rights, often we are forced to various State authorities and organizations to turn. We want to exert the greatest possible social communication in this area, as in our experience of separated fathers and their children stay connected enormously burdened by the parent with custody, using wide range of obstruction methods.

Fathers against the institutionalized child abuse

They are often typical and repeatedly on the same transparent and baseless grounds of ill practices, where all actors (mother, father, social services, child welfare institution) aware of the false grounds, established practice of institutionalized child abuse, however hypocritically regularly closing their eyes, understate, smoothed administrative means, and thereby make it a daily practice in Hungary of gender discrimination and child abuse. In our view, the obstruction of contact, the “fatherless system”: is child abuse. We are not alone in this view. In Europe more and more widely this view prevails. The growing future generations moral, physical, mental, intellectual, mental hygiene healthy development is best assured if both parents from at least the same benefit from the child's love, to educate and care, whose implementation we intend to promote the fathers, particularly with regard to the fact that this child is extremely require it as well.

Reference work

The above is to help acquaint the international conventions, as well as by publicizing widely in domestic legislation protecting the family relationships. We urge our society to the importance of all these, and also how important is the fathers and mothers equality in upbringing their children.

Child custody, child custody law in a variety of effective international techniques also introduces turning to us fathers, as well as a wide range of communications, we are engaged to ensure that the adverse social and false stereotypes disappear, gender equality, the family the most defenseless, also pursued the most vulnerable area of Hungary.

The Fathers for Justice community was created for those purposes listed above, carries on to the children in institutions appropriate procedures and removing administrative threatening conditions. We love our children. Their birth is a central element in all of these organizations gathered in man's life. We have enough of the fact that a disinterested institutions deprives them from the hand, it is essential for them fatherly love of adventure.We're tired of the negative impact on their personality development primarily institutionalized “fatherless-system” on. Our children are children, now, and we are their fathers now. What a pointless fight and their irresponsible parents taking away from them, no one would ever give them back. The effect of a rigid system is shabby and negatively effecting their childhood, later they can not be corrected, supplemented.

Ten and hundred thousand of children and man behind us!

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